As the UN Summit on Climate Change ramps up in Paris, we are thrilled to announce today the launch of our World Air Map, a live map of air pollution around the world. The data revolution can help policymakers cut air pollution and communities take back control of their environment. We collect half a million open […]

At Plume Labs, we believe that we’re not helpless against air pollution. Like us, dozens of startups, civic innovators and NGOs across Europe think cutting-edge technologies can help solve the problem of air pollution. We found their ideas brilliant and positive, and therefore invited them to pitch at Google’s Campus London two weeks ago. Brace […]

We’re thrilled to introduce the new version of the Plume Air Report, our urban air forecast for Android, iPhone and now the Apple Watch! We’ve upgraded the app with UV data, new features, dozens of new cities and the Chinese language – a new step in your journey to take back control of your environment. Come on folks! Inhale. […]

After a busy summer, the Plume Labs team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Plume Air Report, our free air quality forecast app, in 150+ cities around the world! After a pilot release in France ahead of the 2015 UN Climate Change Summit, the Plume Air Report is now available both on iOS […]

Last week in “The Science Behind Plume Labs – The Art of Measuring Air Pollution” we explained how we collect and analyze data from local air quality monitoring networks, and how we make sure you get accurate data. Today we unveil the second episode of “The Science Behind Plume Labs”: Predicting Air Pollution — Predicting […]

  Particulate matter, PM 10, PM 2.5, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, indoor pollution, outdoor pollution, etc.: not easy to make sense of it all. Air pollution is a complex problem, hardly visible, sometimes counterintuitive. Did you know for instance that car drivers are exposed to more than twice the amount of air pollution than pedestrians, and […]

A study conducted in England showed that car drivers are exposed to more than twice the amount of air pollution than pedestrians, and almost eight times more pollution than cyclists. Look at the video and read more here

It is well known that air pollution is bad for our health. But what might be more surprising for most of us, is that bad air quality can also have consequences for an unborn child. Different scientific publications and studies show that air pollution also affect the baby before his/her lungs ever take their first breath. […]

Air pollution is now a global problem that affects all cities large and small around the world. Countries that are rapidly industrializing, such as China, India, Brazil and Mexico, are among the most affected, as you can see on this world map of air pollution in 2013. Emerging countries which are catching up with the […]

The famous documentary on the air pollution problem in China. “Under the Dome – Investigating China’s Haze” presented by the journalist Chai Jing, fascinates the Chinese and has been seen by 120 million people over the world since it went online on 27 February.     Photo credit: