The latest views on air pollution and the impact it has on our health are dramatic. Just a week ago, the World Health Organization released a statement saying “Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats to human health […] at even lower concentrations than previously understood”. This is why this month is dedicated […]

Being sporty in the city can be challenging – beyond dodging traffic, navigating crowds, and staying visible at night (to name a few)… air pollution can also have a negative impact on our health, especially when working out or playing sports.  It’s important to note that the overall benefits of being active usually outweigh the […]

Air pollution is responsible for respiratory illnesses and can amplify various underlying health conditions and potentially lead to death. In Houston, a local clean air advocacy group has identified a lack of awareness about these dangers and the differences in air quality between communities and has set out to make a difference. While Houston’s air […]

Did you know that air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year? World Health Organisation (WHO) data shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe air that exceeds WHO guideline limits containing high levels of pollutants, with low- and middle-income countries suffering from the highest exposures. But what does this mean for […]

2020 was a tough year and the move to 2021 comes with high hopes. Here’s a look back at 10 air quality memories from 2020:

This past month has marked the end of summer and the beginning of autumn for many of us around the world.  This transition has been a particularly complicated one this year with a return to school and work (or just life in general) in the midst of a global pandemic, unprecedented wildfires on the west […]

Unfortunately, high levels of pollution in big cities come and go and we can’t always avoid going outside. So what should you do if you find yourself in this situation? We’ve pulled together a few critical pieces of advice to help answer this question. To begin with, avoid intense physical activities – they make you […]

We continuously hear about how air pollution is linked to almost every aspect of human health – study after study is published linking bad air to disease and illness. Most recently, even to the potential spread and severity of COVID-19! Not only that, air pollution also has a massive economic cost. Based on our research […]

Fourth of July 🇺🇸, Canada Day 🇨🇦, Bastille Day 🇫🇷… seems like half the world is out celebrating this month! And where there’s a festival, there are fireworks-and where there are fireworks, there’s smoke! So how badly do fireworks affect air quality? 🎆 Our in-house Atmospheric Scientist ran the numbers in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, […]

Art can help us make sense of challenging and complex topics, including the global air quality crisis. Artists can create beautiful works like Michael Pinsky’s Pollution Pods installation that challenge us to engage with the topic on a deeper level. Michael’s installation is made up of five interconnected geodesic domes containing carefully mixed recipes emulating […]