California, Indonesia, Brasil, Portugal—Wildfires rage worldwide in what seems to be a greater frequency than ever before. In fact, the number of acres burned-up in wildfires across the United States has indeed been increasing since the 1980s. Within the USA, the state that dealt with the most number of fires last year was Texas, with […]

We’re excited to announce our major step towards putting clean-air info into the hands of all with the release of Flow 2. The next-gen version of our first Flow personal pollution sensor boasts a bold interpretation of the iconic, original design—including a striking graphite grey finish, upgraded silicon strap, and some serious smog-sensing upgrades. We’re […]

We hit the streets and did the math to find out what you’re exposed to—with and without a mask. The Plume Labs community spends a lot of time on two wheels—biking to and from work (and school), training hard, or simply for the joy of riding. Naturally, we get a lot of cycling related questions.  […]

Last week saw some incredible action in the fight against climate change—from the UN Climate Action Summit and continuing on to the Global Climate Strike. All the while, the battle for clean air continues with many cities around the world rethinking transportation in and around neighbourhoods. Reducing or eliminating traffic and combustion engines in the […]

Alberto in a Tweet? Engaged and a bit over-extended sometimes. Padel player addict and a good croquettes cooker. What were your job(s) before Plume Labs? I worked as a research engineer in the field of haptics, in a robotics laboratory in Paris. What made you want to join Plume Labs? I’ve always been very sensitive […]

Every now and then we get to hear from our community members with truly amazing stories and  Dr. Jonathan Tan fits the description. He’s a practicing pediatric anesthesiologist at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and conducts research that leverages informatics and geospatial information to improve access to care and outcomes for children.  This year, he […]

Back in June of this year we announced a major, first-of-its-kind step forward for air quality monitoring: Hour-by-hour, street-by-street air quality maps of major urban areas! In the blog post detailing what these are and how they work, we also mentioned more were coming your way soon. Well, coming your way they are! We’ve recently […]

Imagine if you could see the air, mapped out in front of you, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. You could map your way to work based on the freshest air or compare pollution levels at playgrounds before you leave the house. This has been our collective dream since the beginning—and the dream is now […]

Boris in a tweet? Atmospheric scientist, fresh air addict, fan of carbon-free transportation, and squash master.  What were your job(s) before Plume Labs?Before joining the Team at Plume, I worked as a researcher for 7 years, 3 as a PhD candidate and 4 as a research assistant. What made you want to join Plume Labs?I […]

Get instant insight into you personal air pollution exposure with Flow, a companion to explain what’s in you air, anywhere!  Major update adds the first street-level pollution maps in a few cities and new ways to work with your data—in app and out!  “A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and […]