Thanks to 12 air quality monitoring stations in Central London, the Plume Air Report lets Londoners track average pollution levels in their city. But do you know what you breathe in your borough? From street to street? Wherever you go?  Continue reading

At Plume Labs, we believe that we’re not helpless against air pollution. Like us, dozens of startups, civic innovators and NGOs across Europe think cutting-edge technologies can help solve the problem of air pollution. We found their ideas brilliant and positive, and therefore invited them to pitch at Google’s Campus London two weeks ago. Brace […]

Last week in “The Science Behind Plume Labs – The Art of Measuring Air Pollution” we explained how we collect and analyze data from local air quality monitoring networks, and how we make sure you get accurate data. Today we unveil the second episode of “The Science Behind Plume Labs”: Predicting Air Pollution — Predicting […]

  Particulate matter, PM 10, PM 2.5, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, indoor pollution, outdoor pollution, etc.: not easy to make sense of it all. Air pollution is a complex problem, hardly visible, sometimes counterintuitive. Did you know for instance that car drivers are exposed to more than twice the amount of air pollution than pedestrians, and […]

We know that cities like New Delhi in India, Ahwaz in Iran, or Quetta in Pakistan are ones of the cities with the worse air quality in the world (see the top 10 most polluted cities of the world here) The rapid industrialization, the increasing number of cars and motorbikes, the use of coal as the main […]

The NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer’s aqua-satellite discovered another cause of New Delhi extreme air pollution. Every year, the farmers of the region of Punjab at the north of Delhi, burn between seven and eight million tons of plant debris from its rice farms in order to prepare their fields for the new seeding. The fires […]