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In January 2022 we were presented with a challenge as part of our joining the AccuWeather family – save 1 million lives with our combined expertise, tools, and resources. That’s a big statement to make in the air quality world given the long term impacts air pollution exposure has on our health. The questions that […]

Wildfires have been among the most talked about natural disasters in the United States over the last decade, the West in particular. Dramatic and deadly, hard to predict, and even harder to manage wildfires and the resulting smoke are a major threat to millions of people around the world. We have teamed up with the […]

AccuWeather and Plume Labs unveil a new climate impact program, a partnership-based effort dedicated to protecting climate health and saving lives with better forecasts and information on extreme weather and air quality. Join the team, flagship partners, industry leaders, and experts in a series of discussions on how environmental data can help in 3 key […]

We hope you’ve all been having a happy and healthy spring so far this year.  The Plume Labs team has been working closely with our new colleagues at AccuWeather to explore how we could have the highest impact together. A key question is how can our air quality data, tools and expertise make the biggest […]

Many parts of western Europe woke up this morning in a cloud of Saharan dust—from yellow skies in Paris to dangerously high levels of particulate matter in Madrid. I had a chance to sit down with our lead atmospheric scientist and particulate matter transportation expert Dr. Boris Quennehen to discuss some of the key questions […]

Dear friends,

In 2014, we launched Plume Labs to make air quality information accessible to everyone. 

Since then, our growing community has been at the forefront of the fight for clean air.

How we move around the city makes a difference, both in terms of how much pollution we create, AND how much pollution we breathe. It’s easy to guess what pollutes more when we consider driving a car, walking, or riding a bike, but what’s best for our lungs? Need help figuring it out? Don’t forget […]

The latest views on air pollution and the impact it has on our health are dramatic. Just a week ago, the World Health Organization released a statement saying “Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats to human health […] at even lower concentrations than previously understood”. This is why this month is dedicated […]

Being sporty in the city can be challenging – beyond dodging traffic, navigating crowds, and staying visible at night (to name a few)… air pollution can also have a negative impact on our health, especially when working out or playing sports.  It’s important to note that the overall benefits of being active usually outweigh the […]

Air pollution is responsible for respiratory illnesses and can amplify various underlying health conditions and potentially lead to death. In Houston, a local clean air advocacy group has identified a lack of awareness about these dangers and the differences in air quality between communities and has set out to make a difference. While Houston’s air […]