About Us

Our Vision

Information is the answer to fight off pollution. This belief led Romain Lacombe and David Lissmyr to launch Plume Labs, a company that would develop innovative products and services to democratize access to information about pollution and make urban air cleaner.

One year later, Plume Labs is now a full-grown Paris-based startup building environmental AI products to help consumers track, predict and reduce their exposure to air pollution.

We are a pluridisciplinary team of 14 and we work hard to turn this vision into reality with the support of a wide range of public and private partners.

Meet the team!


The Co-founders

team sept15-13

Romain Lacombe is a one-time marathon runner foiled by pollution. Romain is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and MIT. From 2011 to 2014, he launched France’s Open Data policy at the French Prime Minister’staskforce Etalab (data.gouv.fr) for open government data. During this period, France, now ranked 3rd in the world, joined the Open Government Partnership, and its President signed the G8 Charter for Open Data.

team sept15-14

David Lissmyr has a young son and wishes he could breathe a cleaner air in Paris. David graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Stanford University. After Silicon Valley, he joined a leading consulting firm to support large industrial groups on strategic topics. He discovered at that time the issue of pollution exposure for professionals, and helped develop data services based on artificial intelligence.


team sept15-12

Ryslaine Moulay is the magician behind Plume Labs’ graphic identity. A graduate from Science Po Paris and Strate College, she is a designer as well as a strategist. She currently showcases her work at the Cité des Sciences in Paris after winning the Observer Design’s prize twice.


team sept15-11

Vincent Lemonnier is our iOS developer and in-vehicle systems expert. Ever since his graduation from the renowned Epitech School, he has been relentlessly improving the user interface of our very first product: the Air Report.


Jérémie Colin, a student at EPITECH, dedicates himself to building an ever-evolving Android application.


team sept15-15

Baptiste Ravier, a student at 42 computer science school, is the one who turns the raw magic of air quality data into nice and readable images: he will not rest until he can provide the Plume Index of every single square inch of the planet!

team sept15-06

Kristopher Amazan, also a 42 student, travels the world from his computer chasing air quality data in all cities and countries!

team sept15-05

Matthieu Warnier is a Polytechnique School graduate with a passion for Artificial Intelligence. He builds all our predictive models to help you keep ahead of pollution.

team sept15-10

Boris Quennehen is also our data scientist: he is Plume Labs’ Mister Weather Forecast for pollution! And he  cooks delicious Crêpes bretonnes too.

Business Development

team sept15-03

Antonin Milza is a graduate from Corps des Mines: he set up our Business Development team and is the indispensable link between our engineers and external communication campaigns!

team sept15-07

Vladimir Marzloff, an HEC Paris alumni with an experience in a leading consulting firm, deals with partnerships and communities.

team sept15-08

Eugénie Hériard-Dubreuil just graduated from HEC Paris. Across the oceans and the continents, she knows no boundaries in her mission to create a worldwide community of pure-air breathers!


team sept15-02

Mathilde Motte is an engineer as well as a designer. Former student at Ponts et Chaussées and UC Berkeley, she is part of the Plume Labs’ R&D team.

team sept15-04

Antoine Moroni, an electronics engineer from the ESIEE Paris, works hard to conceive and integrate the electronic circuit of our future connected objet. He is also very fond of lasagnas!

team sept15-09

Antoine Simon is Plume’s industrial and mechanical engineer. A graduate from Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM), he draws intricate models and schemes and designs an endless number of Plume sensor prototypes!



When we say we build our products with love and kittens, we mean it! Last but not least, Jaja, our half-cheetah mascot, is the life and soul of Plume Labs!