About Us


Plume Labs is an environmental technology company on a mission to equip citizens with information on the air they breathe. Flow, the smart air quality tracker to help you find fresh air and take action to avoid pollution, is now available for pre-orders at flow.plumelabs.com. Pre-order now to grab limited time only early-bird pricing!

Our flagship mobile application, Plume Air Report, helps consumers stay ahead of air pollution, providing real-time air quality level forecasts in more than 60 countries worldwide.

With Flow, the only air quality tracker that covers the full spectrum of air pollutants most critical to human health, we are launching a global movement to improve environmental health by mapping and avoiding air pollution.

We’re a team of engineers, developers, researchers, strategists and karaoke black belts. Our vision of clean air for everyone is the driving force behind who we are and what we do. Want to find out more about our team? You can do so on our website – or check our available openings!