It was almost 10 years ago – Plume Labs was an idea and then an entity, almost overnight. We built the company to help people answer a question: What is in the air I breathe? 

We started by collecting information, making sense of the data, turning it around in our models – adding in more inputs and coming up with new information. Forecast, maps, advice – all found in our free air quality app… but there was a gap. 

How could we help people understand what they were breathing, not just outside, but all over the place. Inside, underground, on a bus, in a mine?

Our personal pollution monitor Flow was built from the ground up to solve that problem. 

Starting with Pigeons, graduating to prototype, and finally landing with the people. After 5 years and two versions, Flow has lived its best life. Supporting individuals, institutions, storytellers, and beyond. 

As of April 30th 2023, our remaining stock will be solely dedicated to some of the most important environmental justice projects around the world, and all public sales will end. 

If you’re a Flow user, don’t worry. Your sensors will keep working as usual and we want to thank you for all of your support and for your hard work in the fight for fresh air.

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  1. Félicitations pour cette aventure et ce progrès dans lequel vous nous avez entraînés. Merci aux fondateurs et à toute l équipe pour pour avoir écrit une page de l histoire. L air que nous respirons est vie et je vous souhaite une belle suite dans votre vie et carrière .
    Merci à vous vous pouvez être fier de vos réalisations et votre pugnacité


  2. If we wish to use Flow 2 sensors available for a local trial, can we obtain the app and any necessary support from you?


  3. Is there a similar monitor available on the market? A group of us in London have some of your monitors for a citizen science project which we hope to expand.



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About Plume Labs

We're here to help you understand what you breathe and take meaningful action against air pollution.


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