A thank you letter from our founders.

Dear friends,

In 2014, we launched Plume Labs to make air quality information accessible to everyone. 

Since then, our growing community has been at the forefront of the fight for clean air.

You helped us bring live air quality forecasts to the world with our Air Report mobile app, our global air quality map, and our street-level pollution maps.

Your pre-orders helped us design and deploy the first personal air quality sensor, Flow, and distribute it to 74 countries. Thanks to you, there are now more air pollution sensors in the hands of citizens worldwide than government monitoring stations! 

Your trust in our services helped us gather a talented team of machine learning and atmospheric sciences experts to push the boundaries of air pollution forecasting.

We have stood by a core belief since the beginning: solving the climate crisis requires making its invisible impact visible to all. We wanted to bridge the gap between how little information was available on pollution at the time, and how much clean air matters for our health.

Since 2014, however, the changes to our planet have become even more urgent.

From winter wildfires to smog-filled orange skies, the consequences of climate change have reached beyond the air pollution crisis. Protecting your health now requires understanding not only air pollution, but also environmental risks and extreme weather events.

We’re excited to announce that Plume Labs has been acquired by AccuWeather, the global leader in weather forecasting. 

After four years of deep collaboration, we have joined our longtime partner and investor, the AccuWeather group, to operate as its center for climate and environmental data, with a focus on AI for climate.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to amplify our impact at planetary scale. We will dramatically scale up our ambitions to save lives by bringing our air pollution forecasts to the 1.5 billion people AccuWeather reaches around the world. We will expand our work beyond air quality by applying our AI technology to a broader range of environmental risks, from climate to wildfires. We will help accelerate AccuWeather’s investments in AI for weather predictions, an important area of research to make forecasts ever more accurate despite a changing climate.

Nothing about your Plume Labs products is changing at this time. We will keep bringing you the most accurate air quality forecasts — now with the larger resources, worldwide audience, and unique expertise of the pioneer of the global weather industry.. 

Here is a welcome letter by AccuWeather President, Steven R. Smith.

More questions? As always, you can reach our support team in the Contact Us section of our website.

We and our teammates are deeply grateful for your support as we built this movement for clean air. Whether you tracked local air quality forecasts on our application, backed our pre-orders campaign, purchased Flow for yourself or your family, or deployed our products at your school, hospital, university or company: you helped Plume Labs grow into a global force that will now make air quality information accessible to a quarter of humanity. 

We could not have done it without you. Thank you!

Looking ahead, we’re incredibly excited about the broader mission Plume Labs is taking on as part of AccuWeather, in service of our climate.

Romain Lacombe & David Lissmyr
Founders of Plume Labs

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