How we move around the city makes a difference, both in terms of how much pollution we create, AND how much pollution we breathe. It’s easy to guess what pollutes more when we consider driving a car, walking, or riding a bike, but what’s best for our lungs?

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Walk, bike, or drive?

The University of Sheffield set out to answer our question—using Flow personal pollution monitors. The video above is a quick recap of the experiment put together by BBC News. You’ll be surprised at the results!

­Spoiler Alert: Bikes win! Unfortunately, the overall exposure of each participant in the test—bike, walk, or drive, was above the WHO’s annual mean limit of 10ug/m3. However, the best results by far we’re with the cyclists. Here’s a look at the percentage over the limit for each mode of transport.

­This video highlights a fun and engaging experiment, and does align with other, more rigorous research in the field – particularly with respect to air quality in vehicles. However, even when pollution is very high in your city, biking at a comfortable pace is an excellent way to get from A to B while keeping your exposure down.

Taking it easy on an e-bike, for example, allows you to reduce your physical effort, keep your breathing at a regular rate, and avoid having to take deep breaths through your mouth (bypassing your nose’s natural filters).

Keeping with our anti-pollution tools theme, we’ve always focused on using great design to help get people engaged in climate change action. Since Flow 2 won a Red Dot design award (yes we’re very proud of this!), we took a look at the new Red Dot Best of the Best 2021 product design award winning e-bike from our friends at Cowboy—the Cowboy 4. Not only does the dark finish match Flow 2 perfectly, but the C4 also features a new powertrain with 50% more torque, a new design with 200 custom-made parts, and a brand-new Cowboy app. Check it out!

Ready to run your own experiment?

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  1. NO2 inside my flat is >550 mg/m3
    for 22 h to 08 h in Paris why? is is dangerous ?



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