The team has been busy behind the scenes to bring our next-gen personal pollution sensor, Flow 2, to a ton of new countries in Asia, Oceania, EMEA, and the Americas.

People from all over the world—parents, cyclists, academics, activists, journalists—get in touch with us looking for tools to help them figure out they are breathing. The data is there, and we can provide advice based on our maps and forecasts, but without the full picture of indoor/outdoor exposure Flow 2 provides, it’s more difficult to get down to the personal level without our atmospheric sciences team getting involved. 

Financial Times journalists using Flow for their award-winning 2019 investigation

We’ve seen what journalists can do with Flow in cities around the world, We can’t wait to see what our other community members can achieve. We won’t stop working to make Flow available in more countries, so no need to hold your breath!

Because of the (sometimes) long distances and wide range of duties/international charges, please read our international shipping info before ordering.

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  1. Trop cher . Je préfère un modèle à MONTER soi même.

    • Pas évident de trouver un capteur NO² assez peu cher. Et monter soi même ne permet pas un design pareil. Néanmoins, bonne réussite et montrez-nous le résultat un de ces jours.

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