We’re proud to announce a major leap forward in the field of air pollution mapping! Live, street-by-street pollution maps for hundreds of cities across the US and Europe are now available as part of the free AIR report web platform.

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Our goal is to make the science and the data approachable and actionable. With these maps, people can zoom in and see pollution levels on their own street, their work, their school, and all the streets in between.

Here’s a look a three things that make these maps amazing::

1. A Unique Guide to See and Avoid Pollution: Welcome to a new kind of guide to exactly where pollution hotspots in my urban environment are, how intense they are and what kind of pollution they’re made of. We want our maps to make choosing the best street for avoiding pollution as easy and natural as avoiding traffic.

2. Extensive Geographical Coverage: Street-by-Street Air Quality Maps by Plume Labs are available for hundreds of cities across the United States and Europe. It’s not just about hometown pollution, now you can keep clean air in mind when picking the next vacation or business trip destination.

3. A Scientific Breakthrough for Unmatched Precision: The new mapping system is up to 100 times more precise than traditional air pollution maps, capturing variations in air quality down to a resolution of 10 meters! All of this thanks to proprietary breakthroughs in data science and machine learning.

[ Ok let’s go see the maps! ]

Taking all of these into account, the new mapping system is a major step towards developing the pollution monitoring network of the future. This milestone has laid the foundation for integrating data from thousands of people-powered mobile sensors around the world in the near future. 

Our data science team has made some incredible breakthroughs in the field of machine learning to get to this stage. The mapping system applies these proprietary advancements to data sets collected from a broad spectrum of sources. For example: government reference stations, satellites, weather, land-use, and traffic data.

Ready to learn more about how the maps are created?

An integral part of Plume Labs’ approach to fighting air pollution is using beautiful design to bring the data to life, from their Red Dot award winning Flow personal pollution sensor to this latest launch. 

We designed these new maps to be beautiful and informative. In our experience, compelling design leads to conversations and engagement. We want people to interact with the information, to discuss and share. 

Need some help making sense of the new maps? Wondering what exactly the colours mean in terms of health? Check out this guide to reading the maps to see how science and art come together.

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  1. Do I need to download? How to access it?



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