We’re excited to announce our major step towards putting clean-air info into the hands of all with the release of Flow 2.

The next-gen version of our first Flow personal pollution sensor boasts a bold interpretation of the iconic, original design—including a striking graphite grey finish, upgraded silicon strap, and some serious smog-sensing upgrades.

We’re ready to pack the boxes for delivery to our European and US warehouses! Order your Flow now.

Stunning new look and top-shelf tech.

Our engineering teams have delivered three major tech updates with the release of Flow 2.

  1. Enhanced accuracy/sensing capabilities: Adding a new category of pollutants at the cutting edge of research. Flow 2’s thoroughly redesigned circuit-board, in combination with next-generation algorithms deliver enhanced accuracy in measuring core pollutants PM2.5, PM10, NO2, and VOCs. The list gets a major update with this release. Adding PM1 tracking represents a huge leap forward for users, thanks to Plume Labs’ in-house sensor R&D team.
  1. Custom battery management: Extending the time between charges from 24 hours to up to three days. Flow 1 keeps the industry’s widest range of sensors working non-stop for 24hrs on a single charge. Measuring continuously gives the best air quality mapping, but not everyone needs it (night-time at home, for example). Flow 2’s new in-app “idle” feature for smart battery management gives users ways to save battery life for when they need it most.
  1. Exports bring data to life: Mixing data sets and building visualisations for personal and community action. Flow users have been asking how they can combine Flow data with other sources—in the app and on their computers. To support the community’s thirst for data, the Plume Labs team has built an export feature right into the app. Now Flow pollution data history and app-generated maps can be securely delivered to their email inboxes.

These three updates take Flow’s already essential personal air pollution information to the next level. Personal air quality data is so valuable that participants in a 2018 study, and another released this fall, found it was possible to reduce their exposure up to 50% with access to the right information at the right time. Pushing things further, our community members have already begun to make significant, positive change using personal pollution data collected with Flow.

Check out Aurelie’s story from Toulon, France, Caitlin’s work on Broadway in New York City, USA as well as Leslie and her colleagues’ work around the world with the Financial Times.

The problem is huge but momentum is building.

As air pollution awareness increases worldwide, citizens are demanding clean air for themselves and their communities. The American Lung Association’s State of the Air 2019 report shows that too many cities across the United States increased the number of days when particle pollution, often called “soot,” soared to often record-breaking levels. So how do we plan to get more information into the hands of more people?

Innovation has a price and we just brought it down.

From sensors to casing, Flow is a cutting-edge device and the fruit of four years of R&D. We learned so much during the process of making Flow 1 a reality—from manufacturing: building assembly lines, designing and building ultra high tech components and sourcing the best existing parts, to product certifications, international regulations and logistics, that we are able to get Flow 2 to you for this lower price.

The fight against air pollution and climate change is the challenge of generations and the more people that take up the cause the better. For more information on how Plume Labs supports critical air quality research, citizen science, and environmental activism, please visit our partnerships page.

Have some questions? Need more info? Drop us a line at buyflow@plumelabs.com

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  1. Bought it – installed it in a second account (I have the original Flow) – works.
    BUT, if Flow2 measures PM0.1, what does it do with that measurement? The App doesn’t show it? |Doesn’t that make the sales pitch a bit dubious?



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