Dear Plume Labs supporters,

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Flow, our personal air pollution sensor, has made it into the world!

All pre-orders have been fulfilled, and Flow is now available for sale in the USAUKFrance, and the rest of Europe.

Thank you for helping us work our way through 4 years of R&D to make Flow a reality. It’s your continued support that helped us get so far.

But this is just the beginning. With Flow, you will be able to map pollution and demand progress in your community. With your help, we can put technology to work for clean air.

Together, we can build a movement and a force for change. Thank you for being a part of this community!

– Romain and David

Founders of Plume Labs

Keeping our Flow and staying focused

Flows having firmware pre-installed on the assembly line.

We’ve spent the last year laser-focused on bringing Flow into the world. It’s been a long and exciting journey to get to this point, so here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been up to since last spring.

Flows being calibrated in the factory.

While our team in Paris was finishing off the Flow applications and full pollution sensing experience, our manufacturing team was on the ground at the factory building an assembly line and perfecting the production process.

Members of the R&D team inspecting the European distribution center.

Here’s a look back at how things unfolded since last March:

Flow in the wild

It has been amazing seeing Flow out in the world and hearing about our community members’ air pollution experiences over the last month. This has helped reaffirmed our mission. Together we can help fix things—by fostering wisdom rather than panic, and channeling the urgency of the problem into imagining solutions rather than endings.

First and foremost, we designed Flow to help individuals passionate about ending air pollution understand and reduce their exposure. Making sure you have access to reliable, real-time air pollution data in your personal space is number one.

But this is just the beginning!

Flow for community action

We believe that:

  • Problems you can help quantify are problems you can help solve.
  • Access to data isn’t enough, the data needs to make you want to dig deep and understand what’s what.
  • Individuals that have built an understanding of the causes and consequences behind a problem are the first step towards collective solutions.
  • Flow (and the information it creates) can be a rallying point for community activation—empowering people to fill gaps where data is missing and to enhance existing pollution sensing networks.

Air pollution monitoring: where we were

Air pollution monitoring: where we’re going

This is the end of a major phase in our work to beat air pollution and the beginning of something much bigger.

Looking forward

The Flow app is growing up fast! Our designers and developers are working on a lot of features, but the one most asked about is community-based air pollution mapping.

Crowdsourced air pollution mapping was a major driving force for us to create Flow in the first place—hyper-local, real-time pollution maps. We’ve been working on ways to make this happen and now that Flow is out in numbers and creating data, we can really get our teeth into mapping the air.

There’s still a lot of details to sort out with this type of mapping and we’ll need help from the community as we go along.

Stay tuned!

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