Bike-friendly cities are on the rise: less pollution, increased active transportation, and smoother travel whether you’re on your bike or in your car—happy citizens all around!

The city of Copenhagen, famous for its cycling, has had more bikes on the road than cars since 2017. But don’t forget Amsterdam when it comes to bicycle super-cities. It’s definitely a contender for cycling paradise—with over 18 000 bicycles parked around Amsterdam Centraal station daily.

Unfortunately not every city can be as bike-friendly as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, but there are some incredible innovations that can make your ride undeniably safer and more awesome.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorites.

1. SmartHalo

SH_Packaging_chrome (1)

SmartHalo quickly transforms your bike into one of the most connected pieces of kit you’ll ever own. The compact, bolt-on accessory is a GPS, a light, an anti-theft device, and an activity tracker all in one. Imagined in Montreal and made in Canada, SmartHalo was launched to an early success after their big win on Kickstarter and has gone on to be distributed in select Apple Stores.

We love the minimal, clean design and the many options SmartHalo presents as you search for the safest, flattest, etc. routes in the latest app release.

For sale on for €139.

2. Lumos Helmet


🚲 + 💡= Safety. The Lumos Helmet packs a lot of lighting power into its almost 50 LEDs—front and back. The ultra-bright turn indicators are activated with a simple handlebar-mounted button interface. And the team recently unveiled a cool integration: thanks to smart gesture-recognition algorithms the Lumos app on your Apple Watch recognizes when you’re making a hand signal and then automatically activates turn signals on your helmet. Also, a beta version offers a brake light that comes on when you’re stopping.

For sale on for €179,99 

3. Hövding


For the cyclists who would like to live without a helmet (and also live to see another ride) this one’s for you. Swedish startup Hovding has you covered, or at least that part of you from the neck up, with this incredible airbag designed just for cyclists.

The Hovding airbag is the result of a long and rigorous R&D period lead by a group of Swedish students in collaboration with head trauma specialists. When the airbag is activated, it deploys in 1 tenth of a second!

For sale on for €299 

4. Revolights


California startup Revolights is taking the regular bike ride and launching it into the realm of science fiction with their unique approach to integrated bike lights. 👩‍🚀

After their first Kickstarter success in 2011, Revolights has launched a new set-up, Eclipse +, that promises greater visibility and an even more futuristic look.

For sale on for $249

5. Flow


We can’t close this post off without mentioning Flow! Urban air pollution is poisoning our daily rides. In fact, researchers at King’s College London found that cyclists can reduce their exposure to air pollution by 40% by making minor route adjustments on their rides.

This makes measuring air pollution at the hyper-local level, street by street, even more critical. And that’s exactly what Flow, the personal air quality tracker from Plume Labs does. Flow gives you a real-time analysis of PM2.5, PM10, NO2, and VOCs to help you understand and reduce your exposure when the concentrations of these dangerous pollutants become too high.

Pre-orders open at for $139