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It’s the world’s biggest consumer electronics show and Plume Labs was right in the thick of it. This year, we joined 16 other startups at CES 2018 as part of the Hardware Club Alley (Booth #51303-13) to showcase how hot consumer hardware is right now. 

We hit the conference floor to talk Flow, our smart air quality tracker—now open for pre-orders. Flow lets you know what you breathe, find fresh air wherever you go, and protect yourself and your loved ones against air pollution.

It wasn’t our first rodeo! Last year, Flow was awarded as a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Tech For A Better World category—an example of outstanding design and engineering in a consumer technology product.

With Flow now entering the mass production stages, we’re psyched to have showcased three years of industrial design work alongside some of the most exciting hardware startups on the circuit today. Want to know more? Check out Hardware Club’s roundup of their CES lineup or read their recent interview with Romain, our CEO.

Pollution is personal, and we want you to join the movement and help beat the smog. Miss us at CES2018? You can still get in touch.