26 September 2017

Flow pre-orders now open.

Blog - Preorders Now Open

We live with air pollution every day. Constantly changing over time and space, it’s almost impossible to avoid. Until now.

After 3 years of R&D and design and an extensive beta test, Flow, the smart air quality tracker from Plume Labs, is available for pre-orders!

The smart air quality tracker

Flow and its companion app give you personalized information to take action against pollution. Know what you breathe, find clean air wherever you go, and protect yourself and your loved ones.Join the movement by sharing air quality data you collect to help others avoid bad air.

PRESS Flow Use Case_Concerned parent

Flow is the world’s first personal air quality tracker to cover the pollutants most critical to your health with our custom sensor array.

  • Particulate matter (PM 2.5 and PM10), fine dust and solid aerosol in the air.
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), coming from diesel or power generation.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the chemicals found in homes or indoor spaces.

The perfect environmental companion

Created in collaboration with world-renowned design studio Frog, Flow’s elegant body, versatile design, and durable materials evoke familiar feelings with a fresh approach.

We worked with our beta testers and our behavioral scientist partners to develop the smartest environmental companion ever. The Flow app gives you access to all your air pollution tracking data in one place.

PRESS Flow Use Case - Urban Active.jpg

Battle-tested and urban-proof

This summer, Flow was subject to a rigorous beta test that saw one hundred beta testers taking to the streets of London with prototypes to stress-test Flow’s design and technology. In just a few weeks, our volunteers collected over 500,000 air quality measurements and helped map air pollution in over 1,300 miles of sidewalk.


After 3 years of R&D and rigorous testing in the lab and in the wild, this was the final stage of development before releasing Flow out into the world. Our smart air quality tracker is now ready to help you find clean air.

Join the movement!

At a time of crisis when the environmental agenda is under question, we believe Flow can help citizens take their environmental health into their own hands.

Now you too can join the movement as you track your own exposure—map your city, share your favorite spots, and contribute by providing your community with the data it needs to tackle the urban air pollution crisis.

Flow is now available for pre-orders in the US, UK, and EU. Act now to snap one up at the limited time only pre-order price of $139 (Flow will retail at $199).