As Amazon’s hands-free speaker, Echo, is set to break another sales record in Christmas 2016, we’re excited to launch the Plume Alexa Skill – letting you know real-time air quality levels in your city so you can stay one step ahead of pollution.

Our Plume Skill provides an air quality overview using our unique Plume Index and its 7 categories – from Fresh Air to Airpocalypse – in 80 cities across the US and 350+ globally. It also gives detail on the levels of individual pollutants, including particulate matter, ozone and nitrogen dioxide.

Just like the weather, pollution levels can vary greatly over the course of the day. At Plume Labs, we’re firm believers in actionable air quality information that can help you build healthier routines – whether it’s waiting an hour to take your run, taking extra care to avoid traffic when levels are high, or leaving the car at home. You already plan your day to make the most of the sunshine, now you can plan for the fresh air too – just use simple commands like these.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 16.58.33.png

Our Plume Skill is also a great illustration of the many ways our air quality data platform can be used to make the air we breathe more transparent. Drawing on massive datasets collected from 12,000 pollution monitoring stations worldwide – as well as our AI-driven prediction models – the Plume API also powers our air quality forecast app, the Plume Air Report (available for free on iOS and Android).


Going forward, our ambition is to partner with a wider range of organizations and companies and help them build products, services and policies that support clean air. To get a glimpse at the power of our data platform – just ask Alexa!