18 November 2016

The long road to Vegas


It’s been two years in the making. Alongside our flagship smartphone application, we’ve been working flat out on our upcoming smart, mobile air pollution tracker.

Now, after years of scribbled post-its, intricate schematics and long nights in the lab, we’re nearing the grand reveal.

This January, we’re going to Vegas! At CES 2017, you’ll see what it’s all been leading up to: our personal environmental companion that tracks what you breathe to help you find clean air.

What’s more, we’re off to a flying start! We’re thrilled to announce that the device is a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Tech For A Better World category! 🌎

This means we’ve been singled out by those in the know as an example of outstanding design and engineering in a consumer technology product. One set to change the world!

Our hardware team has been burning the midnight oil to create something as reliable as it is desirable. We’re just weeks away from showing their efforts. Sign up to be first to discover it! 🚀