Team Plume wishes you a fantastic new year, full of joy, happiness and fresh air. Now, open your lungs to the extraordinary: the latest version of the Plume Air Report, our air quality forecast app, is ready to start 2016! Get it on Google Play or the App Store!

We heard you and decided to take modern life into consideration by adding the following extra features:

1. Photo sharing

Take a picture from the app and add a filter with live information on pollution in your city. Post it on social media and share the state of the air around you with hashtag #AirReport. 📷📢😷

2. Geolocation

Say goodbye to updating your location manually when traveling. The app now uses your phone’s location to give you air quality wherever you are, automatically. You’re welcome!

3. Pollution history

Anticipate hourly changes in pollution levels thanks to our air quality forecast. Compare this to historical data on air quality in your city over the past week and month.

4. Blog and World Air Map


Learn about the air we breathe and how to avoid pollution with a direct access to our blog, our Facebook page and our world pollution map. You’re welcome to send us any topic you’d like to see covered – we’ll do our best to address it.

HowAirYou today? What are *you* breathing? 😷
Let us know by sharing a picture from the #AirReport.
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