We’re thrilled to introduce the new version of the Plume Air Report, our urban air forecast for Android, iPhone and now the Apple Watch! We’ve upgraded the app with UV data, new features, dozens of new cities and the Chinese language – a new step in your journey to take back control of your environment. Come on folks! Inhale. Exhale. Download.

The newest, smallest member of the Plume family has arrived: the Plume Air Report for Apple Watch! Runners, cyclists, parents and commuters can now stay safe and keep track of air pollution right from their wrist. We hope this will help geeks breathe cleaner air – and other people, too 🙂


As it’s been much requested by our community, the Plume Air Report now predicts the UV Index in your city. Get the info in real time on the main app screen, and avoid harmful exposure to UV radiation. Wondering what the UV Index is? Find out here.

Another major update is our new recommendation system – the lovely activity icons you see on the bottom. The new version aggregates two indicators. First, we consider the official threshold beyond which exposure to air pollution is harmful for your health. Then, we take into consideration the annual average air quality of your city. If the pollution level is higher than the city average but lower than the medical threshold, we still wouldn’t recommend users to practice outdoors activities. Thus, our recommendations are better tailored to every city across the globe and every user gets a chance to step outside while avoiding excessive exposure at peak times.

For those of you who are already familiar with a specific air quality index, our 1.2 version gives you the opportunity to use your favorite index. Up to now, we used the Plume Index to indicate cities’ pollution levels. Its calculation method is explained in the information pages of the app. And yet, we are aware that you can be used to a specific index, whether the CAQI, the US AQI or its Chinese counterpart… So now you can add one of these norms to the app and switch from one index to another, to make air quality even more understandable!

We also keep adding new cities in the app. The Plume Air Report is now live in 200 cities, including new ones such as: Lima, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Montreal, Annecy, Budapest and many others. And we added more the Chinese language for our friends in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu & more. Yes kiddos, we’re international and 我们说普通话.

We hope you’ll like this new version. Drop us a line at team@plumelabs.com to give us your feedback, or tell us in which city you’d like us to come next. And stay tuned! We have big things planned to make our cities breathable again.