We know that cities like New Delhi in India, Ahwaz in Iran, or Quetta in Pakistan are ones of the cities with the worse air quality in the world (see the top 10 most polluted cities of the world here)

The rapid industrialization, the increasing number of cars and motorbikes, the use of coal as the main source of energy are the main reasons explaining the high concentrations of atmospheric particulate matter (PM) in this cities.

But the problem of particulate matter pollution in this countries seems also to be a more general problem, not only in very densely populated areas, as we can see on the maps bellow.


Iran, Pakistan, and the entire middle east seem to be entirely covered with dust. Another origin of this high PM pollution could be the dust contained in the deserts which constitute a significant part of these countries’ geography. Middle east and central Asia are indeed characterized by huge deserts of dust. In this area of the world, wind leads sometimes to strong dust storms carrying huge amount of dust everywhere, including in cities.


Find out more information on this topic here and there.

Air pollution is a very complex problem with a lot of origins, but there are solutions, and the first one is to inform ourselves on what we breathe every day. To follow PM concentration in your city, use the Plume Air Report no matter where you are: Paris, NYC, Shanghai and in 60 other citiesaround the world.

Credit: en.trend.az

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